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Enrich Salons

Vikram Bhatt
Rohit Dedhia
01 03

We never set out to become salon entrepreneurs. Initially we got into the business to help a friend. Because we were from outside the beauty world, ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ came easily and we could introduce innovation and discipline from other domains, which became key to our successful growth strategy.

Vikram Bhatt
Co-founder, Enrich Salons

Mutual respect between teams is one of our founding principles. The floor team and founder team have distinct skill sets. The technicians have hands-on beauty and styling experience. We know how to grow a business. Each respects — and can learn from the other.

Rohit Dedhia
Co-founder, Enrich Salons

I love getting my hands dirty, working with data and learning new things, so joining Enrich was a great opportunity for me. It’s exciting to be part of the realization of India’s potential: We’re building strong new businesses centered on customers, operational excellence and technical capabilities.

Sumant Arora
Co-founder, Enrich Salons
Enrich Logo

 Enrich is one of the largest unisex salon chain of India with over 85 outlets across six cities. The company trains its own salon professionals through Enrich Academy, establishing uniform standards across all its locations to drive a superior customer experience. Enrich also sells its own line of hair care and beauty products and provide at-home beauty services.

Focus areas:

  • Retail
  • Consumer


  • Buyout Investment:
  • Growth Equity Investment:
    2019 - 2020