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In the next 10 years, the Indian economy will go through enormous changes. Both human and financial capital will enable and accelerate that change. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs are playing a key role in sustainable economic growth and hold the power to change lives, exponentially, for generations.

Discover our purpose

WestBridge in numbers

$ 7.5 +B

Fund size as of August 2022

As one of the first, and one of the largest and most experienced investors in India, we’ve navigated through all kinds of scenarios with our partners over the years. We bring that knowledge and insight to our relationships and decision-making. With 22 years of tech investing in our pocket, we’re primed for the next 20 years, when we believe that tech-enabled and tech-led Indian businesses will outperform their competitors.


Investment horizon, in years

WestBridge is a patient investor. We place value on taking the time founders and their companies need to flourish. Our evergreen fund structure allows us to take this long-term view, with no hurry to exit. Economic fluctuations? They don’t scare us off. In fact, those conditions deepen partnerships in ways that can only happen with time. 

$ 10-500 M

Range of capital investments

Great businesses and leadership are what we invest in. If we’re the right match for you, we’ll enter a partnership at any stage, play a significant role in attracting follow-on capital, develop strategy, help you build a powerful board, recruit key management and enable successful transitions.

Our purpose

We're passionate about building a sustainable economy


Purpose 1

We’re stewards of a virtuous cycle of venture: purpose-driven capital flows to passionate entrepreneurs determined to improve peoples’ lives. The fruits of those successful investments flow back into the investment cycle. The process continues, upward and onward.

There’s a huge, untapped opportunity in developing services that support the needs of middle and low-income Indians, rather than just focusing on elite and premium markets. In this way we’re building bigger businesses and changing more lives for the better. We seek to generate value, in all senses of the word.


Purpose 2

We're passionate about building a stable and sustainable economy. And if you want to build something great, time has to be your friend. That’s where our evergreen fund comes in.

WestBridge has the luxury of time to track down the best ideas in the least likely places, and our portfolio partners have the time they need to build their companies. Founded on a vision that can evolve for years – or decades – we expect them to be around forever.



We’re part investors, part business builders. Every day we wake up, amazed at the once-in-a-generation opportunities before us, and we step into the vanguard. The unicorns in our portfolio signal that our time is now.

In 10 years, technology will drive 90% of our portfolio, unlocking a new generation of innovation and prosperity. If we can lift lives, now, we can catalyze India’s future as a global technology leader.

Our History

October 2000

WestBridge raises $138m to invest in Indian startups

August 2005

WestBridge raises $202m for its second fund

June 2006

WestBridge merges with Sequoia Capital, forming Sequoia Capital India

November 2010

Thompson Reuters acquires Pangea3 for $40m

January 2011

Pearson increases stake in TutorVista to 76% for $140m

February 2011

WestBridge launches Crossover Fund

September 2011

CSC acquires AppLabs for undisclosed sum

August 2014

WestBridge Capital acquires nearly 21m shares of TVS Motor Company

December 2015

Dr. Lal PathLabs IPO

May 2016

Ujjivan Financial Services IPO

August 2018

WestBridge acquires majority stake in Star Health

May 2021

Innovaccer turns Unicorn

August 2021

Aptus IPO

November 2021

Turing turns unicorn

December 2021

Star Health IPO

January 2022

LEAD School turns unicorn

January 2022

Dealshare turns unicorn

June 2022

PhysicsWallah turns unicorn

June 2022

LeadSquared turns unicorn

August 2022

WestBridge’s AUM reaches $7.7b

WestBridge Philanthropy

Investing in our future

school girl eating

While our portfolio partners are solving society’s most entrenched problems through business solutions, some challenges are better approached outside the marketplace. WestBridge is passionate about giving back and closing the loop between business and social good.

We model our philanthropic acumen on our relationships with founders. We don’t just write a cheque, we build responsive partnerships, and actively listen to nonprofits and NGOs to understand their needs. When appropriate, we provide strategic and other support to strengthen their effectiveness. Together, we fund the aspirations of promising individuals, preserve culture and prevent the exploitation of our environment and our most vulnerable citizens.