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Sourabh Gupta
Akshay Deshraj
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Despite the huge role customer service centers play in a business, customers rarely have a good experience. We decided to fix it by automating a large chunk of the cognitively routine contact center functions using voice AI, allowing businesses to focus their efforts on more value-added tasks.

Sourabh Gupta

Our goal is to become the world's most advanced conversational voice AI company and help our customers transform their call centers. As opposed to generic speech recognition built by established voice assistants, we bake in domain-specific knowledge at our speech recognition layer, so that every business can improve their customer service with very nuanced solutions.

Akshay Deshraj
Skit Ai Logo offers a voice AI solution with offering voicebots in over languages powering automated customer support, outbound lead generation, and qualification calls

Focus areas:

  • Software
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • SaaS
  • Technology


  • Series B Investment: