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Property Share

Kunal Moktan
Hashim Khan
01 02

While working in investment banking, my future business partner and I realized that rent-yielding real estate had excellent returns, but most smaller investors couldn’t access the market. We decided to combine our interests in technology and investing, and created a way to disrupt this entrenched industry, democratizing alternative investment.

Kunal Moktan
Co-founder, Property Share

With PropertyShare, we’ve made what has traditionally been a lucrative but difficult to access asset class reachable by ordinary investors.

Hashim Khan
Co-founder, Property Share
Property Share Logo

Property Share is an investment platform for offering retail investors access to high quality commercial real estate across India and in global markets with lower upfront costs. The company gives investors an opportunity to invest in Grade A commercial properties with high 8-9% rental yield and 3-5% annual appreciation, resulting in IRR of 12-13%.

Focus areas:

  • Real estate
  • Fintech
  • Wealth management
  • Technology


  • Series B Investment: