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Palash Soni
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Aashish Srinivas
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Growing up, I belonged to the ‘lower middle-class’ where having a car and a house of your own was a luxury. I saw my dad emerge from poverty into the rising middle-class fabric of India. Seeing that story unfold in front of me as a child forged a strong sense of optimism in me, my most defining trait, both personally and professionally.

Palash Soni
Co-founder, Goldcast

When I worked at Blackbuck — the Uber for trucking logistics in India — I got to see how a small group of ambitious misfits can build something from scratch and win against incumbents. That’s exactly what we are hoping to do with B2B events.

Kishore Kothandaraman
Co-founder, Goldcast

Being a software engineer was one of the best experiences of my life, but I wasn’t getting the context of what I was building. So I decided to take a risk and go back to school, where I was lucky enough to meet my co-founders. Now I love approaching problems from first principles, although I definitely miss coding every day.

Aashish Srinivas
Co-founder, Goldcast
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Goldcast offers a cloud-based platform for managing virtual B2B events. Features include virtual event marketing, detailed onboarding, attendee tracking, custom branding, analytics, CRM integrations, attendee engagement management, and interactive discussion rooms.

Focus areas:

  • Software
  • SaaS
  • Technology


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