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Ashish Munjal
Piyush Nangru
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I come from a humble, middle-class family. My parents had government jobs. And education is what changed our lives. But people from small towns don’t always have access to educational opportunity. We started Sunstone to give back to the kinds of communities that raised us.

Ashish Munjal
Co-founder, Sunstone

I’ve always been driven to make a difference with my startups. I couldn’t think of anything more encompassing and impactful to anyone than education.

Piyush Nangru
Co-founder, Sunstone
Sunstone Logo

Sunstone University partners with traditional universities to run independent degree program where the admissions, curriculum and placement is end-to-end managed by the virtual university. It provides programs for undergraduate and postgraduate education in affiliation with institutions and focuses on industrially-relevant curriculum and securing job placements for the students. It is based in Gurgaon.

Focus areas:

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Higher Education


  • Series B Investment:
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