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Rishi Das
Meghna Agarwal
01 02

I believe in taking the long view of business. Build it one piece at a time, innovate incrementally and take calculated risks. Be frugal, keep a low profile and get the unit math right before scaling.

Rishi Das
Co-founder, IndiQube

The advent of hybrid work has created a new opportunity for employees to live, study and work in the same city. With the increasing popularity of the work-near-home scenario, employers who want to cater to a redistributed workforce will have more demand for flexible, scalable workspaces.

Meghna Agarwal
Co-founder, IndiQube
Indiqube Logo

IndiQube provides premier co-working spaces, serving enterprises, startups, offshore centers and solopreneurs. Its amenities include high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, cafés, parking spaces and more.

Focus areas:

  • Real estate
  • Co-working


  • Series A Investment: