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Saurabh Bansal
Anil Nagar
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I still remember the sacrifices my parents made just to pay for my tuition fees and one train ticket to Delhi. My parents said, ‘All we can give you is education.’ That’s all that anyone needs in order to bring generational change to their circumstances.

Anil Nagar
Co-founder, Adda247

I often ask my team ‘What’s one new thing you tried today which made a difference in our mission?’ Do this daily and you get 365 new ideas per person, per year. If we all join in, it can do wonders.

Saurabh Bansal
Co-founder, Adda247
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Adda247 is an online test preparation platform for government jobs, offering coaching for over 200 examinations across national and state levels. The site offers live classes, prerecorded video lectures, study material and practice test modules.

Focus areas:

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Exam preparation


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