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Driving change. Transforming India.

Aravind Sanka
Vikram Bhatt
Rishi Das
Kunal Moktan
Mayank Shivam
Ashish Munjal
Victor Senapaty
Varun Khurana
Raju Vanapala
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We made a list of the things we all do from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep, as well as the problems we face every day. That’s when the idea of private transport emerged. Ride sharing and cab booking existed only in big cities, and not for the masses in smaller cities. We started thinking about the common Indian man’s vehicle — that’s how we arrived at the idea of two-wheeler ride sharing.

Aravind Sanka, Co-founder, Rapido

We never set out to become salon entrepreneurs. Initially we got into the business to help a friend. Because we were from outside the beauty world, ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ came easily and we could introduce innovation and discipline from other domains, which became key to our successful growth strategy.

Vikram Bhatt, Co-founder, Enrich Salons

I believe in taking the long view of business. Build it one piece at a time, innovate incrementally and take calculated risks. Be frugal, keep a low profile and get the unit math right before scaling.

Rishi Das, Co-founder, IndiQube

While working in investment banking, my future business partner and I realized that rent-yielding real estate had excellent returns, but most smaller investors couldn’t access the market. We decided to combine our interests in technology and investing, and created a way to disrupt this entrenched industry, democratizing alternative investment.

Kunal Moktan, Co-founder, Property Share

Building and maintaining a home is such an emotional and time-consuming challenge for everyone. I want to transform the way Indians buy home improvement products and improve the quality of life for homebuilders themselves.

Mayank Shivam, Co-founder, IBO

I come from a humble, middle-class family. My parents had government jobs. And education is what changed our lives. But people from small towns don’t always have access to educational opportunity. We started Sunstone to give back to the kinds of communities that raised us.

Ashish Munjal, Co-founder, Sunstone

We want to ensure that education is affordable to all and hope that educational opportunities change our students’ lives the way it has changed ours.

Bibhu Prasad Das, Co-founder, Propelld

I spent some time on farms. When I was so close to the problem it was almost impossible not to notice the massive gaps in the market. From the farmers, to the sellers, to the re-sellers to the customers. No one was 100% satisfied. I just knew it was a problem worth solving. A problem worth my time. That’s how Otipy was born —- from farm to fork. It’s fast, it’s fresh, it’s affordable and it’s conscious.

Varun Khurana, Founder, Otipy

Being in the consumer internet business is challenging. We continuously re-educate ourselves about micro and macro industry changes, as well as the evolution of consumer behavior. You can never stop listening and observing in order to deliver a usable and relevant product.

Raju Vanapala, Founder, Way2News
Our purpose

We support Indian entrepreneurs with purpose-driven capital

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Our approach goes beyond capital. We aim for the long-term, as we know it can take years to build businesses for longevity. No matter the stage or phase of our investment, the number one commitment we make to all founders is time. It’s a value we’ve held since the beginning, made possible by the unique structure of our fund.

Like us, founders and their companies seek to create sustainable solutions — economic and otherwise — that strengthen India’s leadership in global technology. If we hit our mark, their work will bring value beyond valuation to communities, worldwide.

Focus Areas

Innovation excites us. Whether a new engine, platform, or tool, technology creates efficiencies and widespread benefits. Several areas of focus have drawn our eye and expertise because of their collective capacity for change. These are the fulcrums we think will move the world in the next 20 years.

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    woman shopping in furniture store

    Modern, customer-focused retail chains and manufactured goods makers are attentively catering to the unique needs of rising middle- and lower-income Indian customers.

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    Maintaining an online sales presence is competitively essential these days, but smaller firms can still have difficulty making the leap. The pandemic forced many Indian companies to finally pivot, motivating e-commerce platforms to adapt to the needs of SMEs.

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    Edtech collapses India’s traditional geographic and income barriers to education, lowering costs and promoting equity. Companies that provide tech-powered classroom and live online learning and upskilling are scaling steadily.

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    Electric vehicles

    Electric Vehicule

    With fuel costs rising and India setting ambitious carbon reduction goals, electric vehicles (EVs) are in high demand. Constant improvements to EV range and power are quickly narrowing the gap with fossil-fuel vehicles and products.

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    Enterprise tech

    enterprise tech

    Enterprise solutions are exponentially streamlining workflows, improving communication and providing access to critical decision-making data increasing the speed and effectiveness of processes like talent recruitment, customer service workflow analysis and logistics management.

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    Financial services

    financial services — star health

    Financial providers are seeing value and credit-worthiness in overlooked sectors and customers, offering a boost to Indian entrepreneurs, homebuyers and home improvers through microloans and alternative financing products.

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    fintech — aptus

    Our fintech companies are unbundling gate-kept services and driving down costs expanding financial opportunities to the many Indian small businesses, startups and families who are geographically isolated or find traditional banking and accounting providers difficult to access.

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    health technicians

    From big data to smartphones, new and legacy providers are leveraging technology to improve healthcare provision, diagnostics and outcomes.

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    Machine learning


    India’s long-standing expertise in software engineering and business transformation solutions are giving startups in this space an edge. Scalable, commercial ML applications for marketing, talent sourcing and customer experience in industries ranging from banking to healthcare are in high demand.

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    Cloud-based, modular, feature-rich software is changing the game for enterprise IT. With Indian SaaS companies performing go-to-market right from home, customer acquisition costs are low and the potential for scaling and value creation is unprecedented.


Since 2000, WestBridge has made over 150 investments in private and public businesses with a significant nexus to India and South Asia. In fact, a few of our investees have been with us for almost as long as we’ve been around.

The companies we partner with have always been on the vanguard of innovation and homegrown capability, creating new categories with both mass appeal and ingenuity. They range from early stage to public. Their products and services reach the hinterlands and around the world. One thing they all have in common is bold ideas with the potential to transform India for decades to come.

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WestBridge is an ecosystem built on relationships. We consider people and the relationships between them the most powerful asset. Engineers, product developers, analysts, financiers, legal experts and connection-makers of all kinds — we exchange ideas, constantly collaborate and work hard to turn possibility into reality.

The founders who choose to partner with us bring diverse perspectives to our teams. They’re passionate, hungry and on a mission to positively impact people’s lives at national and global scale. They’re early dominant market leaders, creating new business categories and future-defining industries.

Smita Deorah

Smita Deorah

LEAD School

WBC Team

Deepak Ramineedi


Shailesh Mehta

Shailesh Mehta

Operating Advisor



Everyone knows the first ten start-up hires are the most important. Filling key positions during growth phase transitions is no less critical. We tap into our vast network and route top-tier talent to portfolio partners through these — and all — phases of growth. When a team comes together with visions aligned, incredible things happen.